October 22, 2017


Read what his colleagues and clients have written about Harris Taback.

“‘The cream rises to the top’, the saying goes, and it certainly applies to superlative criminal defense lawyer Harris
Taback. His inventiveness in crafting defenses in seemingly hopeless cases is legend, as is his prodigious talent in
effectively and persuasively presenting those defenses to judges and juries. Anyone seeking a formidable advocate in a
criminal case need look no further than Harris Taback.”
– Hugh Anthony Levine , Attorney, San Francisco

“I have worked in the area of criminal defendant sentencing for almost 40 years, both as a probation officer and
sentencing consultant, and have worked with Harris on cases ranging from sophisticated fraud to homicide. He is clearly
one of the most creative and tenacious advocates I have worked with.”– Dale Carlson, Correctional Consultant, Sentencing Expert, Sacramento

“I have known Harris Taback for many years, am familiar with his criminal defense work, and have consulted with him as
an expert witness. Mr. Taback’s clients have ranged from Hell’s Angels motorcycle club members to elderly women
accused of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. He has always been well-informed, well-prepared, and
compassionate. He has my highest recommendation.”
Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D., Expert Witness